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Passenger Car Motor Oil

Gasoline engine oil itself has 2 types based on API (American Petroleum Institution) Service and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), which is API Service for gasoline engine car lubricants.

  • SM. For all new and previous tech car engines.
  • SL. For Passenger car made in 2004 and before.
  •  SJ. For Passenger car made in 2001 and before.
  • SH. For Passenger car made in 1996 and before.
  • SG. For Passenger car made in 1993 and before.
  • SF. For Passenger car made in 1988 and before.
  • SE.For Passenger car made in 1979 and before.
  • SD. For Passenger car made in 1971 and before.
  • SA, SB, SC are no longer recommended.

Most circulating car oils have two API services. As an example of the API CI-4'SL, meaning API first shows the main use of the oil that is on quality gasoline engine with CI-4, but also can be used in gasoline engines SL-quality.

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