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Diesel Engine Motor Oil

Diesel engine oil itself has 2 types based on API (American Petroleum Institution) Service and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). API Service for diesel engine lubricants, namely:

CI-4. Issued on 5 September 2002, for high-speed 4T engines, formulated to maintain engine durability. can be used instead of the previous category.

CH-4. Issued in 1998 for a high-speed 4T engine.

CG-4. Issued in 1995 for a high-speed 4T engine fueled with 0.5% sulfur.

CF-4. Issued in 1990 for high speed 4T engines with turbochargers and ordinary exhaust gas.

CF-2. Issued in 1994. For 2T engines it can be used to replace CD-2 category lubricants.

CF. Issued in 1994. for off-road vehicles, indirect-injection diesel engines and other diesel engines that use fuels with sulfur content above 0.05%.

CE Issued in 1987 for high speed 4T engines with turbochargers and ordinary exhaust gas.

CD-2. Issued in 1987 for 2T engines.

CD. Issued in 1955. For turbochargers and ordinary exhaust.

CA, CB, CC are no longer recommended.

Most circulating car oils have two API services. As an example of the CI-4/SL API, it means that the first API shows the main use of the oil, which is a gasoline engine with CI-4 quality but can also be used on a SL-quality gasoline engine.

The oil identification code is SAE, the numbers that follow behind it indicate the viscosity of the oil. SAE 40 or 15W-50. The greater the number that follows the oil code indicates the thicker oil. while the letter W that follows behind the initial number is an abbreviation of Winter. SAE 15W-50, means that the oil has a viscosity level of SAE 15 for cold conditions and SAE 50 in hot conditions. With these conditions, the oil provides optimal protection when the engine starts even in extreme conditions.

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