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Force TurboDuty 9000 Sae 15W 40
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06 Jan 2020
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Specification of

Force TurboDuty 9000 Sae 15W 40

FORCE TURBO DUTY 9000 SAE 15W‐40 has multi grade viscosity. This diesel engine oil is formulated with high shear stability Viscosity Index Improver in order to provide a very stable viscosity for better lubrication at low and high temperature.

FORCE TURBO DUTY 9000 SAE 15W‐40 is most suitable for high speed diesel engine provide with turbocharger or supercharger also naturally aspirated widely found in many diesel engines for transportation, heavy equipment, industry and marine applications. This oil is applicable for gasoline engine lubrication.

Providing an effective protection against piston deposit formation caused by high temperature
Providing an effective protection against engine parts wear and preventing from congealed lubricant resulted by soot contamination (effective soot control).
Providing very stable viscosity either at low or high temperature.
Preventing foam formation.
Conveniently used either for diesel or gasoline.
• API Service Classification CH‐4/SJ
• ACEA A3‐98/ B3‐98 / E3‐98
• MB228.3 / 229.1
• Volvo VDS‐2 Cummins 20071 / 20072 / 20076
• Mack E0‐M plus
• MAN 3275
• MTU type II 5044(2002)
• Therefore it requires no additives addition.

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