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Force Marine 440 And 540
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02 Oct 2019
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Specification of

FORCE MARINE 440 and 540 is formulated from High Viscosity Index (HVI) mineral base oil and as well balanced additive packages especially recommended for low speed industrial and diesel engine which give optimum detergency and dispersancy characteristics and very good oxidation stability.
FORCE minimum 40 mgKOH/gr, which neutralize sulfuric acid resulted from reaction of water vapor and sulfuric oxide from fuel with sulfur content up to 3.5%, and provides better protection against piston & exhaust port deposit formation, rust, corrosion and foam formation. It also minimizes piston ring and cylinder wear.
FORCE MARINE 440 and 540 provides Total Base Number (TBN)

FORCE MARINE 440 and 540 is suitable for highly rated turbocharger low speed trunk piston diesel engines using heavy diesel fuel with high sulfur content (max. 3.5% wt ) on industrial and marine sector.

Neutralize acid from fuels
Providing the best oxidation stability
Excellent wear protection
Preventing from rust and corrosion in engine components
Compatible with other brand marine engine oil
FORCE MARINE 440 and 540 meet the performance level of API Service Classification CD

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